Watering the fields of Humanity

Professor Liz Greenwell’s work with regard to global social, economic and environmental growth, development, enhancement, and advancement is well documented. She has written much on the subject and has put particular emphasis on developing countries, with priority given to countries experiencing extreme and urgent need. In her program World Resource Analysis Point (WRAP) and related program World Major Disaster Rescue and Relief Center (WMDRRC), she has called for immediate fast-tracking of essential services, amenities, and other quality infrastructural developments. She has also championed the process of speeding up help to those countries to become self-sufficient, and participants in the building of a strong and thriving global economy through practicing global cooperation, hospitality and exchange.

There is a tripartite  MoU between KNATCOM, PAKA and PROF LIZ GREENWELL as the basis for the investment interest towards developing in the region. How the private citizen who signed an agreement with an NGO and foreign government helps further advance the UN's call for a Civil Society champion as related in the Auckland (New Zealand) Triangle series for WGF.  signing of the MoU with Wario Duacha and Dr Evangeline at KNATCOM headquartersl

wario dulacha
dr evangeline njoka

wario dulacha
dr evangeline njoka


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How with your help we can water
the fields of humanity

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