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“If we create a new consciousness to see ourselves in a different way we can achieve big political and social changes, to make disappear things like racism or sexism. If we see ourselves not just like a music genre but as a nation of consciousness beyond physical, mental and economic territories we can become a nation of souls ready to improve ourselves intellectually leaning on others to erase our differences through unity and love”  
It is well documented that the youth of today are disenfranchised with the current state of the world, the lack of development opportunities open to them and the traditional global class system that favours only the few. The rise of technology has become a great leveler in this regard and has enabled empowerment on an unprecedented scale. This paradigm shift has moved the youth into searching for purpose and liberation through something they can relate to, and believe in. 
Generation Hip Hop (GHH) is a response to this global trend.  GHH provides a platform that harnesses the progressive talent of otherwise disenfranchised youth, into a collective, dynamic and productive international movement, guided by a central committee. Generation Hip Hop aims to become the unprecedented global movement that unites all elements of Hip Hop culture under one progressive and adaptive brand, with the aim of changing the world from the youth upwards.
Through real-world experiences such as workshops, networking events, seminars, hackathons and round table gatherings, to name a few, we create a forum for international communities to gain advanced insight and augment their skills in the key areas of technology, business, social enterprise and leadership. 

Hip Hop Culture, Youth Empowerment, Youth Development, Entrepreneurship…these are at the heart of the mission and work of Generation Hip Hop Global. More specifically, GHHGlobal is focused on creating local/regional communities (chapters) dedicated to using Hip Hop Culture and other practices to give youth and young adults the support they need to grow and develop personal power. This also excludes helping youth and young adults become agents of change within their communities. These goals and activities will always include working with older adults and community stakeholders

Each chapter is working to become a stable organizations with levels of autonomy and  business-legal independence. This includes developing a entrepreneurial approach to organizational growth and development. The GHHGlobal parent organization works with chapters the provide support, guidance and seed funding.

Hip Hop Culture is at the heart of our work and identity. This includes Hip Hops artistic elements, cultural values and historical legacy. The elements give us practices that can be taught and utilized as tools in support of youth development. Hip Hop Culture-with an over 40 year existence-has had great impact on every major sector of social life. This is the legacy and history that we draw on.

Dr. Richard D. Reeves aka Dr. Rich

Vice Chairman

Director Of Youth Services Education

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