As you can imagine, Liz Greenwell was actively involved in working with various communities. This wasn’t just ‘work’ for her, it was her vision, compassion, and focus. This page provides a source of information for those interested in learning the true scope of what she did, who she helped, and why ‘Watering the Fields of Humanity’ plays a vital part of global unity.


Inaugural Global corporation day

Imagine a world where everyone grows their own trees. “Growing and planting a tree is a symbolic and important act that we can all do, no matter who you are or where you live. It will help us connect with nature and help us all connect to each other.” – Forest Nation

Global Cooperation Day was initiated by Liz Greenwell where her goal was to create and encourage an environment that the future of our children and the world as a whole would learn and help each other nurture mother nature. 

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Watering the Fields of Humanity Proposal to TogetherFirst, UN affiliate overseeing UN75, 75th Anniversary of the UN.

A three-tier implementation strategy…
1) Global Cooperation,
2) Integrated Sustainable Design, and
3) Social, Ethical and Responsible Investment

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