Here you will find excess links, a gallery of photos and videos pertinent to specific projects that fall under the Watering the Fields of Humanity umbrella.

Global Cooperation Day founded by Professor Liz Greenwell

The following links are associated with Professor Liz Greenwell’s work that founded the GLOBAL COOPERATION DAY.

Inaugural Global Cooperation Day Statement by Professor Liz Greenwell:

Support for Global Cooperation Day: Gregory Abbott

Platinum recording artist, songwriter and producer Gregory Abbott’ shares both his thoughts and music

Rena Owen's supportive message for Global Cooperation Day:

Rena Owen is a distinguished New Zealand film, television, and theater actress, and was invited to appear in the Star Wars prequels following George Lucas’ viewing of her performance as the iconic Beth Heke in Once Were Warriors: The second video, she is joined by fellow Kiwi and actor Temuera Morrison.

BBC Bermuda News Coverage of Human Fraternity Ceremony

“Bishop Wes Spiewak and Imam Emir Saleem Talbot joined Governor John Rankin for the Bermuda signing of the “Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together,” with the document inviting “all persons who have faith in God and faith in human fraternity to unite and work together.”

Miscellaneous Links

As you see, we have so many heartfelt experiences and people who have joined us in order to work with the 'Watering the Fields of Humanity' foundation.

Here's a few more articles of interest.

Mahdah Urf -Watering the Fields of Humanity: Just Stop Music Showcase…
In this showcase, we can see the example of our friend/supporter Coumba Gawlo, a UN Ambassador and leading African singer, received by the Vice President of the National Assembly of Côte D’Ivoire, under the mandate of then President of the National Assembly (PAN) Guillaume Soro.

Sultan Qaboos Declaration Project on United Human Values announced.  

Ocean Risk Summit, Ocean Protection Education Campaign in Bermuda, Frontline Waste.  

SolaRoof Technology  

Julian Lennon – Letter from Lisbon (Received 4 March 2020).  


Farmer Tantoh
Our Cameroonian friend Dieudonne Tantoh Nforba (Farmer Tantoh) is a world expert in spring catchment protection and agro-forestry and a great friend/supporter of Global Cooperation Day, founded by my (Adam Greenwell) mother, Professor Liz Greenwell
We introduced Farmer Tantoh to Andrew Pothecary, (CEO ForestNation, our inaugural global tree-planting partner).
Andrew then kindly appointed Farmer Tantoh to Ambassador of ForestNation and introduced Farmer Tantoh to fellow ForestNation Ambassador, Julian Lennon.
As a result of that introduction, 22,000 people have access to potable, clean water in Cameroon. There are other possibilities.
From Julian Lennon’s website –